Monday, April 28, 2008

Check out John's Blog!

Hey readers!

If any of you are interested in Internet marketing check out John Battelle's Searchblog here! I was able to read up about a post about facebook and how it is in the top 3 of brand advertisement right along with google and yahoo. Check out the major responses that are starting to pile up right here!

Look for the Comment by Matt aka Me at the bottom being the most recent.. Again stay tuned for more NHL Playoff news...

Matty D.

Marketing Article Post 4

Hey readers,

This is my 4th article about Internet users and their viewing and using video on the internet. I found an article to replace the one I lost and used in my presentation due to Fox News pulling it off the site. This comes from Israeli Diamond online and is entitled "Net Video Views Topped 10 Billion in February." You can check the full article here. The articles goes on to talk about how video views in the US in Feb topped 10.1 billion views in just this one month. This is a 66% growth from last Feb. Google owned Youtube owns top share of the views with 34% of the total views. It has been estimated that the users spent 204 minutes in Feb viewing videos on the internet on average. Each of the major video viewing sites had over 100's of millions videos viewed in the month alone.

This just proves that people are starting to do a lot of video viewing on the internet and the growing popularity to just go right to Youtube and start to just search for funny videos, news, sports highlights etc etc. I personally can say that I am always on Youtube looking up videos for anything from Hockey highlights to funny college videos etc.

Keep reading.. More NHL News to come!

Matty D.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Marketing Class Article 3

Hey Guys,

I have to write two more posts about articles dealing with internet users. My third article can be found here.. click here!

The 4th article I found was taken off the Fox News Website So I will have to find a new one to write about.

This 3rd article is entitled US Internet Users are Glued to Video.

This article gave some basic stats comparing both men and women and how they each view videos on the web. It also split each into different age groups ranging 18-24, 25-34, 45-44, 45-54, and 55+. It is evident that the younger demographics for both men and women view more videos online then the older demographic due largely to the use of computers but that age group. The younger demographic are more computer savvy and may use a computer more often compared to that of the older demographic. The study also found that more men watched videos then women did. The article provided some great charts to back up their findings. So check that link above to read the whole article and see that information to back it up.

I will be posting soon with some information and updates about the NHL Playoffs and how it is progressing.

Matty D.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring doesn't always mean flowers...

So it's starting to like spring here in Fairfield County, CT but that doesn't mean all things winter are out the door. It has been the first two weeks of the playoffs and man, I haven't seen hockey this great in a long time. The playoffs have been some roller coaster ride. Plenty of ups and even more downs for a lot of teams. The Penguins are absolutely dominating their series with the Sens. The Rangers and Devils have shown that their cross river rival has not lost any of its bite. The League actually, without owners vote set up a new rule dealing with a little incident about Sean Avery. He decided to turn his back to the game play and started to wave his stick in the face of Marty. The league has banned this sort of action and in my opinion... GOOD! It looked like a 12 yr old on the ice waving his stick like a mad man. I have no problem screening the goalies as long as you aren't in the crease. Some other great series includes the Wings and the Preds. The Wings are up 2-1 with game 4 tonight. The sharks and flames have been battling it out in the west. The Capitals led by Mr Ovechkin are holding tough with the Fliers. The Ducks and Stars have been putting on some great games as they battle in the West. The well seasoned Aves have shown that they still have what it takes as the younger Wild hold tough with the Vets. The Bean town favs, the Bruins are back in the playoffs for the first time in a while and led by Chara as they take on the original 6 team the Canadians.

I have come to find that people have been frequently posted videos and highlights on line... just check everything out here.. VQUZESHUF

Thanks for reading!

Matty D.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Recent news has informed that the New York Rangers are in discussion with the New York Yankees about using Yankee Stadium (the old) as a venue for the Second American Outdoor hockey game. The game is supposedly taking place in November and may be the last event to take place in the house that Ruth built. The league is in discussion and wants an Original 6 team to play. The biggest draw nationally would be the Detroit Red Wings (awesome for me!). The game is not fully organized yet but hopes are high.

I will keep you informed as more news comes out.


Matty D.


Playoff Hockey= VQUZESHUF

Don't ask what that word is.. Just go with it..

So its the PLAYOFFS! the time of year that brings out the best and worst in some teams. All star players heat up and take over while some lesser known guys give their all to earn their right to have their name on Lord Stanley's Cup. The playoff spots are set in stone and here is how they look:

1. Montreal Canadians
2. Pittsburgh Penguins
3.Washington Capitals
4.New Jersey Devils
5. New York Rangers
6. Philadelphia Flyers
7. Ottawa Sentators
8. Boston Bruins.

1. Detroit Red Wings
2. San Jose Sharks
3.Minnesota Wild
4. Anaheim Ducks
5. Dallas Stars
6. Colorado Avalanche
7. Calgary Flames
8. Nashville Predators

Those are the 16 teams fighting for their right in the spot light. All games will be shown locally and a majority will be shown nationally on Versus (Ch. 408) or on NBC. So check local listings for everything hockey. Games start Thursday night.. For more playoff action check out VQUZESHUF

So cheer on your favorite team.. If your team didn't make the playoffs, well good luck next year and just enjoy some well played hockey.

Thanks for reading.

Matty D.

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