Monday, April 28, 2008

Marketing Article Post 4

Hey readers,

This is my 4th article about Internet users and their viewing and using video on the internet. I found an article to replace the one I lost and used in my presentation due to Fox News pulling it off the site. This comes from Israeli Diamond online and is entitled "Net Video Views Topped 10 Billion in February." You can check the full article here. The articles goes on to talk about how video views in the US in Feb topped 10.1 billion views in just this one month. This is a 66% growth from last Feb. Google owned Youtube owns top share of the views with 34% of the total views. It has been estimated that the users spent 204 minutes in Feb viewing videos on the internet on average. Each of the major video viewing sites had over 100's of millions videos viewed in the month alone.

This just proves that people are starting to do a lot of video viewing on the internet and the growing popularity to just go right to Youtube and start to just search for funny videos, news, sports highlights etc etc. I personally can say that I am always on Youtube looking up videos for anything from Hockey highlights to funny college videos etc.

Keep reading.. More NHL News to come!

Matty D.

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