Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Hunt Is On!!!

So its the beginning of March and the hockey season is drawing to a close but that doesn't mean that the season is starting to become boring or sorry to say "cold as ice." But in all reality things are truly heating up. Teams are starting to fight for the top 8 spots in each conference in order to make the brackets and a ticket to Lord Stanley's Cup.

As of right now there are six teams in the NHL that can breathe easy as they have all clinched their spot a top their conference. In the East it's the New Jersey Devils, Montreal Canadians, and Carolina Hurricanes. For the West it's the Detroit Red Wings, Dallas Stars, and Calgary Flames. These teams are free and clear and just need to stay healthy and focused for the playoffs.

But it is those teams on the "bubble" fighting for the last 2 spots that make the playoff hunt so exciting. In the East, the Rangers and Flyers hold the bottom spots but the Capitals and Sabres are right on their tail fighting for their lives. Also, do not count out the Islanders and Panthers from the hunt as well as they both have some big games ahead to make play off birth. In the West, the Aves with the help of some old friends and the Canucks hold the bottom tier but Predators and the Coyotes are both on the heals of the bottom 2. The Preds are actually tied with the Canucks in points so the end of the year will be very very interesting!

This is the time of year where the weather changes to a warmer, sunnier time but as things on the ice heat up the times don't look so great. Players hit harder, fights become more frequent, goalies become walls and heroes step up.

I suggest watching every game you can whether or not it's the team you love. (Ex. The Caps Pens game on right now in a 2-2 tie going into the 3rd.)

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Ps. Good luck to the SHU Men's Varsity Hockey Team tonight as they take on UConn for Game 3 of their best of 3 Quarter Final Match.

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