Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring doesn't always mean flowers...

So it's starting to like spring here in Fairfield County, CT but that doesn't mean all things winter are out the door. It has been the first two weeks of the playoffs and man, I haven't seen hockey this great in a long time. The playoffs have been some roller coaster ride. Plenty of ups and even more downs for a lot of teams. The Penguins are absolutely dominating their series with the Sens. The Rangers and Devils have shown that their cross river rival has not lost any of its bite. The League actually, without owners vote set up a new rule dealing with a little incident about Sean Avery. He decided to turn his back to the game play and started to wave his stick in the face of Marty. The league has banned this sort of action and in my opinion... GOOD! It looked like a 12 yr old on the ice waving his stick like a mad man. I have no problem screening the goalies as long as you aren't in the crease. Some other great series includes the Wings and the Preds. The Wings are up 2-1 with game 4 tonight. The sharks and flames have been battling it out in the west. The Capitals led by Mr Ovechkin are holding tough with the Fliers. The Ducks and Stars have been putting on some great games as they battle in the West. The well seasoned Aves have shown that they still have what it takes as the younger Wild hold tough with the Vets. The Bean town favs, the Bruins are back in the playoffs for the first time in a while and led by Chara as they take on the original 6 team the Canadians.

I have come to find that people have been frequently posted videos and highlights on line... just check everything out here.. VQUZESHUF

Thanks for reading!

Matty D.


Nikki said...

It's hot outside... why is hockey still going on!? I'm just learning about hockey a little from my little cusin who plays it on playstation- I learned about that hat trick thing when someone scores 3 goals- so wow I finally know something about the sport!

Colleen said...

I saw that game where the player was waving his stick in another players face; which later made the league create a new rule. I thought that this was already a rule. I guess it is something that all players thought was a rule so didn't even bother with this kind of cheap trick. It was quite funny and entertaining though!

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