Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All Star Game... Not bad at all... so take that Media Writers!

Whats going on Hockey Fans!

So the All-Star Weekend is over and I already filled you guys into the Skill Competition so here is my write up on the actually game. First, my opinions on the game. Many feel the game was a waste of time, boring to watch.. blah blah blah.. oh wait.. it was tied going into a minute left and BOOM a goal to win it.. Oh yea that's boring. NOT! Oh yea how bout the 15 goals scored. Yes only 1 check but hey! It's an All Star game no one wants to get hurt or look like that guy who needs go out and be a bruiser. I loved it. I watched every second of the game and actually speed through dinner just get a front row seat on the couch by the TV. There were some amazing moves, some amazing goals and to top it all off.. Comedy... Yes.. DP and Legacy were Mic'd up during the game as they were on the ice and offered some commentary and comedic light on the game. Great tough NHL.

So.. I will just give the guys who scored the goals.. and if you want the video highlights...
www.nhl.com then go to the score of the game 1/27/08 and select Watch.

So.. Here we go...
Rick Nash 12 seconds in
Eric Staal a minute later
Andrei Markov, Brian Cambell and a pair from Alex Ovechekin gave the east a 5-1 lead at the end of the first.
Second period was all West with another by Rick Nash and Scott Niedermayer
The third period was a free for all with goals.
Ryan Getzlaf less then a minute in and a third by Nash for the hat trick.
Marian Hossa put the east back on top just under 5 minutes into the third.
A pair from the wests Dion Phaneuf and Marian Gaborik gave some hope for Western Conference fans as the period came to a close.
But a late goal second goal by Eric Staal tied it up for the East.
And then then came the killer. A Marc Savard goal with 21 seconds left in the game to put the East up for good.

MVP went to Eric Staal for his 2 goals and 1 assist on the game.

In Other news.. Henrik Zetterberg who did not compete in the game due to injury was back skating with the Wings and hopes to make a quick return. Thank God!

And some results already in early from the first night back on ice from all players. Rangers, Islanders, and Devils all fell to Eastern conference teams. The Sabers beat up on the Lightening, and the Blue Jackets fell to the Coyotes.

Hope you guys got to catch the game on Sunday. If not.. Check those highlights asap!

Check back soon!!

Matty D.

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