Thursday, January 24, 2008

Welcome to Blue Line To Blue Line


I'm happy you have stumbled upon my blog which is completely geared towards the National Hockey League. I hope to do my best keeping up to date posts with scores, trades, injuries, team news and league news. Also, I will give some of my own opinions on issues within the NHL.

I myself, am a die hard Detroit Red Wings fan. And yes, I'm not from Detroit. But it goes like this. I was taught how to skate and shoot by my older brother who is of course... A Red Wings Fan. So like any other younger sibling wanting to be just like his cool older brother I followed suit and became a Red Wings fan following players like Steve Yzerman, Dino Ciccarelli, and the old videos of "The Man" Gordie Howe.

But I am not one of those guys who just follows his own team and ignores the rest of the League. I will watch any game on Television since those are now few and far between after the ever so popular strike. I will also cheer for the home town teams (New York Islanders and New York Rangers) except when those teams are on the ice with the Wings.

Also, you might also read some posts dealing with Marketing. This is blog is a project for my Internet Marketing Class. Hopefully I will be able to make a connection between the NHL and how it uses the internet to Market itself. But overall the posts will be dealing solely with the NHL.

Stay Tuned for more. Thanks for reading!
Matty D.

1 comment:

Mallory said...

Well, I am personally not an NHL fan of any kind. However, I read a few of your other posts and they are quite interesting. You get so involved in the games and your enthusiasm towards the sport is fantastic. I love all the posts and links to the sites; makes your blog look real "professional." Hopefully, after reading and keeping up with your blog, I will eventually gain an interest in the NHL. But fear not,regardless of my interest in the sport, I think your blog is interesting enough to gain a lot of attention.


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