Thursday, January 31, 2008

Old Time Hockey

Whats going on hockey fans!!!

I read a pretty interesting article on today while on campus. It totally reminded me how even with the new rules and regulations the League has implemented some guys are still holding onto the values of what we call.."Old Time Hockey." The Article comes from the Crashing the Net column and is entitled "The Opening Face off: Lowering the Boom." It pretty much runs down the top 20 players in the League who bring hard hits to the Ice. The players were not put in any order according to how hard they hit or how many scrums they get into just alphabetically. Some of the names on the list didn't surprise me while some did. A good example, Zdeno Chara from the Boston Bruins. Never knew he could throw hits with the rest of em.

I'm happy to see that the players are not afraid to make the big hits and even drove the mitts and throw down.

Also, I will start adding some different articles and what not from NHL, ESPN, and some other odds and ends I can find on the internet. The article that I mentioned above is under the links below. Keep checking in! Thanks for voting!

Catch you soon!

Matty D.

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