Monday, February 4, 2008

Updates!!! Updates!!! Updates!!!

What's going on Hockey Fans!!!

Hockey is back in full swing after last weekends All-Star Break. All teams have played and some have come back strong.. One team doing so is the Detroit Red Wings who seem to keep winning as Zetterberg returned to the ice this week helping lead the team. Also, Pavel Datsyuk was named top star in the NHL and is the top player of the week on this site as well! Go Wings!

The Pittsburgh Penguins have been proving they do not need Sid the Kid in the lineup to destroy the competition as they beat the Hurricanes 4-1 on Saturday. The Islanders have been taking it on the chin as they been dropping games due to the lack of goal scoring by their top forwards. I guess it was only some time before Comrie would cool down.

The Bruins had a strong showing this week still proving they play with the big dogs of the league and holding down New England sports at the moment as the Pat's lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl! Way to Be BIG BLUE!!!

In news of injuries: The Oilers will lose big player Shawn Horcroft to shoulder surgery for the rest of the season. This a huge blow to the team but Horcroft was bothered with the injury all season and hurt it again at the All-Star Game. (Article here)

It will interesting to see if the League hands out any suspensions after the huge Ryan Hollweg hit that drew him a 5 minute Major and ejected from the game when he put Kostitsyn right into the boards head first. In all honesty, he should definitely get some sort of suspension. There is no need for hits like this in the league. Especially because it was a retaliation for the check he received earlier in the period.

In news for this blog, I have decided to change up the Players of the week format. I will just be posting who the NHL has been naming the players of the week since I feel people do not often check that part of the site out. Also, there will be 3 links to other blogs that you guys should check out! Some other good reading besides what is here about the NHL. And soon I will be posting about articles in relation to a topic about Internet Marketing. Maybe educate a few people who knows if not it will be just some interesting reading.

Thanks for stopping by!

Matty D.


Colleen said...

I think this weekend was awesome, especially for us NY fans. Not only did the Giants win the SuperBowl (which was amazing plus I won 100 bucks in the process) but my hockey team, the NY Rangers won. It was a great Sunday for New York! As I mentioned I am a Rangers fan and I think your blog was an excellent topic, full of interesting specs, and I look forward to continue reading your new posts about the NHL...

Nikki said...

Hey MAtt, I think your posts are good. You really tell all about a bunch of teams, not just the team you are most interested in. I'm not a big hockey fan, but maybe I'll try to catcha few games just so I know what and who you're talking about in your blog.

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