Sunday, February 10, 2008

No NFL on Sundays... No Problem!

So, Super Bowl is over and done with.. No more NFL on Sundays... What to do?

NHL ON NBC!!! That's right. The NHL returns to NBC for the last half of the season. NBC offers games every Sunday afternoon either at 1pm, 3pm, or 6pm. Of course this week is a great match up of two big guns from the West. The Ducks and the Red Wings (Lets go Wings!). But for the rest of the season, teams like the Islanders, Rangers, Bruins, Penguins, Avalanche Hurricanes, and Senators will all be highlighted as the Sunday afternoon game of the week. I feel this is a great thing for the NHL. Also, NBC is the leading carrier of the Playoffs which allows the entire nation to be able to watch at least 1 or 2 games a week and also be able to check hockey at its high point.

I know I have been lacking with my research and updates I will do my best to write up a nice long post with some updates on teams and injury reports. This is just a little taste of what is soon to come.

Just make sure to turn on NBC to catch some hockey action now that the boys on the gridiron are all done with their season. Keep checking in.

Thanks for reading.

Matty D.


JSS said...

Looks like I'm about to become much more savvy on the NHL. It's about time. Thanks for the info.

jksmbhaggerty said...

Pittsburgh Haggs are trying to watch as much hockey as possible. John is even playing. It's roller hoackey and his teammates are all 25 and under but he is having a blasted while gatting blasted in net. We will now be updated on all the NHL happenings.

Colleen said...

Hey Matt!
This is true. I like hockey, but I don't seem to watch many games. Now that the Giants are not playing anymore (but yes they did have a very good run...all the way to the end), I will probably be watching more hockey. Nice post!

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