Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Internet Users... MK299

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I am going to take a step back from the world on ice and talk about an article I found online about the growing number of people who watch their favorite television shows online. I will be comparing this to the NHL Later on in the post but let give you the run down first.

First off.. Here is the Link!

A study was done by Solutions Research Group’s Digital Life America. It found that almost 50% (43% to be exact) use the internet to watch re runs of the episodes they missed out on or to watch their favorite episodes. That percent is just about 80 Million users in America. This was a drastic increase of 25% from the previous year. The study showed that people tend to watch TV shows online more then use the On Demand capabilities that is offered to them. Of course the major shows are the ones being viewed. This includes Grey's, House, CSI, Ugly Betty, Heroes, Lost Etc. It was found that the major demographic that uses the internet for this use was the age group of 18-34. But it seems that even though the internet is growing in popularity for watching missed television shows DVR's are still the leading means of recording and saving past episodes. The study was done on Americans ages 12 and older.

Honestly, I have seen this growing as I have gone through college. All my friends who go out during the week and miss their favorite show but know a half hour tops after the show has ended the full episode will be released online for their viewing pleasure. Also, with the growth of YouTube and similar sites, users are able to search for certain episodes or favorite moments from the show and relive them over and over again.

In the way of the NHL, services are offered from and the individual team sites where a user can pay a small price to be able to watch the games directly online. Also, just like shows, past highlights or even missed games are becoming popular and easy to find on the internet. I feel this is a great thing and helps to keep the popularity for television shows and sports growing. It seems that everyone is connected to the internet so why not integrate the Television and the Internet.

Stay tuned for more NHL news!

Matty D.

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