Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hating being Sick!

So, it's All Star weekend and of course I missed the Skills Competition due to passing out at 7pm right as it started thanks to a horrible head cold and headache after being at a Basketball Double header for my school. Yes, both teams won and both are now in first place so it was well worth it.

I did however check out the highlights of the Skills event and was very very impressed by the whole thing. Highlights can be seen on under their NHL TV section. There are three parts definitely check out all three.

Some honorable mentions that I saw from the event were as follows.
-Rick DiPietro throwing pucks down ice on an empty net during the Obstacle Course giving him the title in my mind as one of the best goalies to handle the puck.
-Alexander Ovechkin's crazy moves during the No Rules Breakaway Challenge.
-Shawn Horcroft flying down the ice in the one on one speed skating race.
-Scott Gomez of old scoring on Chris Ozgood during the Shootout
-Dion Phaneuf winning move in the Shootout portion.
-The overall Young Stars game as it was a 3 on 3 battle with lots of open ice breakaways, exciting goals and a MVP nominee going to Manny Legacy for his goal tending (even though he isn't a young star)
-Kaberle winning the Accuracy shooting in a tie breaker.
-Chara hitting 103.1 MPH During the Hardest Shot competition.

So, the Skills competition went well. Looked like a lot of fun for both players and fans alike but the real deal as they say is today at 6PM eastern Time as the teams square off on ice. Will be shown on Versus check your local listings!

On some other notes, Brian Leetch's number 2 now hangs from the rafters of MSG as the Rangers beat the Thrashers in an Over Time Shootout to honor their past defenseman.

Sid the Kid is off ice for 6-8 weeks with that High Ankle sprain he received during the First period against the Lightening on Jan. 18th as he slammed into the boards behind the net.

As for updates on the Blog. I hope to start doing my own Top 3 players of the week for either outstanding performance, game winning goals/saves or anything that sticks out in the league. I also hope to add some more links to video highlights, news articles and whatever else is going on in the world of the NHL. Just remember.. being a college student is always busy!

Thanks for checking in. LETS GO WESTERN CONFERENCE!

Matty D.

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